La Pinsa di Qualità Prodotta con Amore

Amore Pinsa Group

We are a Artisan workshop completely dedicated to the production of precooked bases for Pinsa in all its formats.

Our production consists of several phases, in detail:

  • dosing of ingredients,
  • treatment of the dough,
  • leavening cure,
  • drafting of the product,
  • pre-cooking in specific ovens,
  • killing,
  • freezing,
  • product packaging.

At the end of this procedure, our product is ready to be delivered through a distribution network capable of reach anyone within the European continent .

We offer you a new business opportunity for those like us who are attentive to market developments and consumer needs.
Un buon Prodotto

A Great Business

In recent years, the attitude towards food and its consumption is constantly evolving, quality food is becoming more and more important, and it is proof that even the most famous fast food chains in the world are becoming aware of this. topic and have adopted menus with healthier offerings, sometimes even dietary offers .

Restaurateurs who previously used price as a competitive strength at the expense of quality are forced to adopt new strategies to consolidate their customers.

We have developed a highly genuine and nutritious product with a competitive price that offers you the opportunity to offer customers, increasingly demanding, a healthy and tasty food without being forced to invest in mostly expensive equipment .

La Pinsa di Amore Pinsa as well as being a new, healthy product of taste and quality, it fully reflects the habits and uses of eating well every day.

Our base is light, easy to digest, low in fat and low in calories but at the same time fragrant and tasty.

We nurture inclusion

We are proud supporters as well as suppliers and partners of PizzaAut Onlus conceived by Nico Acampora, a project that has become very popular and one that gives one space for social inclusion managed by children with autism supported by catering and rehabilitation professionals.

A space in which to grow, experiment, have fun and work.

PizzaAut Onlus is loved because when it prepares you a Pinsa, it does it with Love.


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