Wheat , Soy, Rice & Love

We are a Artisan workshop located in Lombardy in the municipality of Seveso completely dedicated to the production of the precooked base of Pinsa in all its formats.

From our headquarters we provide to satisfy the requests of our customers located throughout the regional, national and European territory , through a distribution and sales network that puts company and customer in direct contact.

Among our Clients Restaurants, Pizzerias, Bars and Wholesalers from all over Europe.

The Pinsa di Amore Pinsa comes to life from a recipe with attention to the smallest details

But its celebrity does not stop only at the elements that make it up.

The production process of the dough is constituted by a careful care of the leavening and ends in its drafting, strictly by hand.

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The genuine attributes linked to the strong Italian culinary tradition, have transformed the Pinsa in the last decade into a food Glamor and Modern which has easily established itself in the eating habits of each of us.
Magically irresistible in its crunchy crunch, the Pinsa di Love Pinsa turns into a first course that is easy to prepare and serve without the need for specific equipment to enhance that flavor due to an ancient recipe that has given us the opportunity to reach wholesalers all over the world .

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